Remembering Tim Wilson (1961-2014)

2 Responses to Remembering Tim Wilson (1961-2014)

  1. Debra Howard says:

    He was so unique-i and other family members were at his shows so often he recognized us- even giving my husband and grown son nicknames. My son and daughter,who loved his comedy also, constantly quote his work in conversation. He is still a part of our lives even now.Missing you still- the Howard family- Concrete Man, Concrete Man JR. Mrs Concrete Man and that little girl there.

  2. Susan Watkins says:

    We always enjoyed Tim’s comedy. My favorite was Chuckee Cheese Hell. This was a time we took our children there and could relate to his theme. We enjoyed so much that I sold the idea of having our company Christmas party there. Everyone enjoyed. Miss you Tim

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